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Impartial Mortgage Advice

First and foremost it is important for you to know that we understand your world.

Many of you have entered the world of contracting due to the financial rewards on offer, others to develop your skills, and some to have more flexibility.

We also understand that many of you work through different payment structures, whether that be a limited company, umbrella organisation or an offshore tax solution.

We Have Influenced Lenders to be Contractor-Friendly

We have spent time educating lenders on how you work, to allow them to assess the risk that you present in a more appropriate way.  Lending policy in many instances has not kept pace with the current labour markets.

On behalf of contractors, we have influenced many High Street lenders to look at their conventional lending policy and put in place bespoke underwriting terms specifically for the contracting community.

Impartial Mortgage Advice
*According to IPSE 2020

Hear from CMME’s Head of Mortgages, Simon Butler:  

CMME believes the way people choose to work should not limit their choices in life. We have spent the last 16 years working directly with banks and building societies to change the way they view contractors, freelancers and the self-employed.  

In doing so, we have helped to change risk appetite and lending criteria so that this invaluable sector of society can gain access to the mortgages they deserve.”  

Impartial Mortgage Advice

Impartial Mortgage Advice  

Here at CMME our advice is not only specifically tailored to your circumstances as a contractor, but we are a whole of market mortgage broker and therefore the advice we give is completely impartial mortgage advice.  

Not every lender our there is ‘contractor-friendly’ but we are constantly liaising with lenders at a senior level to review their lending policies. 

Impartial Mortgage Advice

As we work with a number of lenders, we constantly review your mortgage when you are in the penalty-free period and discuss your options. In accordance with our service guarantee our aim is to ensure that you pay as little as possible on your mortgage.  

Impartial advice is paramount as your current lender is unlikely to contact you and make you aware of better financial options. It is well noted within the industry that many clients could save by simply reviewing the mortgage options at the appropriate time. Having invested heavily in technology we will contact you at the right time and initiate a review with you. 

Our aim is to look after your immediate and ongoing mortgage needs and provide you with outstanding service.

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