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How much can you borrow?

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Client Experience

"Professional service that provided peace of mind."

As somone new to contracting and with only one years accounts I was unsure as to whether I would be in a position to secure a mortgage with a good market interest rate. I was recommended CMME by a work colleague and have been really happy with the service. Paul, our Mortgage Advisor, worked hard to get a great product at a really good rate. The whole process was straight forward and hassle free. We were kept informed of progress at all times. CMME also organised our life cover for the new mortgage ans again a very competitive rate was secured. All in all I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend CMME.
Philip Mansfield
Client Experience

"Stress free and no problems. I would recommend CMME to anyone."

As a first time buyer, I thought that getting a mortgage was going to be a stressful experience. Working with Billy Roberts at CMME made the whole process completely stress free and the mortgage went through glitch free.
James Spruce
Client Experience

"Highly recommend unparelled Advice & knowledge for Contractors"

I have used CMME twice now for my initial mortgage & then re-mortgage. Being a telecoms contractor I was concerned about falling in between the gaps when it came to being able to justify to a bank or mortgage lender to commit funds to a contractor. CMME have been brilliant with their expert knowledge in this niche area of mortgage lending. Their advice and support through the application on both occasions has been excellent. I highly recommend CMME.

Our network

We work with the UK’s leading specialist lenders to bring you more choice and better value.

Will I qualify?

Every application is assessed on an individual basis but the broad criteria are: 1) You must have a current contract in place. 2) You need to prove continuity in the type of work you do. 3) Borrowers new to independent working are acceptable. 4) Income can be defined via annualised rate. The only documentation CMME requires to support an application is a copy of your current contract, an up-to-date CV, identification and bank statements. CMME can assess how lenders view your circumstances based on feedback from banking sector decision makers, with no obligation. 

What rate can I get?

Before independent professional mortgages were created, many contractors, freelancers and consultants had to rely on self-certified mortgages with higher rates and higher fees. But today, with our help, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to secure the same mortgage rates as someone on PAYE. We don’t offer different pricing and we don’t deal with lenders who do because we believe it’s unfair to penalise you. Instead, we work closely with you to understand exactly the kind of mortgage you need, then we research the market to identify the lender best placed to help. We always keep our independent professional rate table up to date so you can stay in touch with best, most competitive mortgage rates out there. 

How is my application assessed? A standard mortgage application is assessed based on salary plus dividends and/or net profit if you run a limited company. If you’re using an umbrella company then it will be your PAYE income. Traditionally, lending criteria have been based on individuals being either employed, or self-employed. The issue with this traditional approach is that independent professionals don’t fall into either of these categories, meaning the sum you’re able to borrow falls short of what you should be able to secure. An independent professional application however, is evaluated based on your gross contract rate, with less emphasis on how you get paid. We use your current contract rate to establish a borrowing figure, and a copy of your CV, to demonstrate your skills and experience. Why should I choose CMME? We’re dedicated to supporting Britain’s growing community of independent professionals – ambitious, enterprising people like you who’ve backed themselves to make their own way in life. We know being independent makes you different from the norm and too often that means government and conventional service providers end up leaving you in the lurch. We think that’s wrong and, since we launched in 2004, we’ve made it our mission to do something about it. We believe being independent shouldn’t stop you buying the home you deserve. We’ve worked long and hard to help lenders understand independent professionals better and we’re ready to bring you the knowhow, the experience and the connections you need to get a great mortgage deal.