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A Contractor Mortgage Case Study – CMME

CMME reveals why we are the number one mortgage advisory service of choice. We showcase our contractor mortgage case study and how you can purchase your dream home.

How do we help contractors get their dream home? 

CMME makes the process of buying a house easy. Our mortgage case study can be read below or in the video above this section.

One of our clients, Mauros, found a dream home in his local town, and started the process of applying for a mortgage. He approached three high street banks, sat through long interviews, provided rafts of paperwork and documents, only to be told that he wasn’t eligible for a mortgage because he was a contractor.

The fact that he didn’t have accounts, and his salary and dividends from the company were relatively low, around £40,000, meant that he was too risky for the banks. Mauros came to us after reading an article on our website, and within just 8 working days of contacting one of our mortgage advisors, we were able to secure a formal binding mortgage offer with a reputable lender. On top of this you can always look at what the best rates some of the lenders we use.

So what do we do differently?

We provide our clients with access to expert advisors, and exclusive lending solutions from a range of high street lenders and specialist banks and indeed buildings societies.

Daily Rate VS Salary and Dividends

£500pd =  £120000 annual income.

Salary and Dividends = £45000 annual income.

Lenders can lend typically 4 times annual salary

£120000 x 4 = £ 480000

£45000 x 4 = 180000

That’s a huge difference.   £300,000 difference.

But its more than just a higher loan amount

Thanks to the way we work with lenders, we are able to save you a lot of time as well, a typical mortgage application with us takes just 8 working days, compared to the high street were, going back to Mauros’s example, clients can waste weeks with no end result.

Ultimately though, it’s about certainty. When buying a property, what clients really want is the certainty that knowing that they are going to able to secure a mortgage.

CMME can take the uncertainty out of an already stressful process. Contact us today to discuss your requirements with one of our expert advisors.

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