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Engineer Contractor Mortgages

Finding a mortgage as an engineer contractor

As an engineering contractor, you may come up against many obstacles when trying to secure a mortgage. Particularly in this sector, projects tend to last for an agreed period of time rather than on a permanent basis. Lenders have made it increasingly difficult for individuals who work on a temporary basis to make it through the mortgage process successfully.

As an engineer you might find yourself working in the UK one month, and half way across the world the next.  And one thing you won’t have a lot of when you are not working is time. We can help save you time, money and stress. Many lenders have no understanding of the payment vehicles that you utilise, and will often assess your income via processes which do not take full earnings into account.

At Contractor Mortgages Made Easy we recognise the challenges you might face when arranging a mortgage, but as we fully understand your employment status and the way you are paid, we can help you avoid these.

What we can offer engineering contractors:

  • Access to mortgage deals specifically aimed at contractors like you
  • High quality mortgage advice catered to engineering contractors, consultants and freelancers
  • Bespoke underwriting solutions
  • Streamlined processes avoiding unnecessary paperwork and time delays

Lenders may not take in to account the complexities surrounding being an engineer contractor, but we do. We will represent you in the correct way without discriminating you or your profession. Our expert, professional advice will secure the best mortgage for you and your lifestyle. 

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