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Interim Manager Mortgages

Are you an Interim Manager looking for a Mortgage?

In the past lenders used to pigeon hole the way in which they assessed the income of Interim Managers. They used to look at the way they had been paid rather than the contract rate. Until recently, lenders had not kept up with the labour market, and the simplistic approach that they used for mortgage lending was to classify people as employed or self-employed. This view left no room for interim managers looking for a mortgage as they did not fall under either of the categories.

Other difficulties they faced was around their accounts. An Interim Manager who established themselves through an umbrella company would see their expenses ignored, whilst Interim Managers working via their own limited company faced similar difficulties if the business retained money, or the required tears of accounting evidence was not provided. This all impacted negatively on how much was available to borrow.

CMME has campaigned vigorously on behalf of the Interim Manager sector to influence the way in which lenders assess applications.  We understand the complexities of working as an Interim Manager and how difficult it can be for you to obtain a competitive mortgage rate. As a company we can now help you to obtain the competitive mortgage rate that you are after, regardless of your payment structure.

What we can offer you as an Interim Manager:

  • Access to a comprehensive range of lenders
  • Bespoke underwriting tailored to meet Interim Manager needs
  • Mortgages based on your contract rate
  • Streamlined processes to avoid delays

We can make sure lenders do not discriminate you for being an Interim Manager and can help you source the mortgage that you need. We will put your application forward to the relevant lenders to ensure that you are not declined the mortgage at a later stage in the process. 

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