Contractor Mortgages Made Easy reveals why we are the number one mortgage advisory service of choice. We showcase why a contractor mortgage is highly beneficial, and how you can purchase your dream home with us.  


Contractor Mortgages Made Easy makes the process of buying a house easy.

One of our clients, Mauros, found a dream home in his local town, and started the process of applying for a mortgage. He approached three high street banks, sat through long interviews, provided rafts of paperwork and documents, only to be told that he wasn’t eligible for a mortgage because he was a contractor.

The fact that he didn’t have accounts, and also his salary in dividends from the company were relatively low, around £40,000, meant that he was too risky for the banks. Mauros came to us after reading an article on our website, and within just 8 working days of contacting one of our mortgage advisors, we were able to secure a formal binding mortgage offer with a reputable lender.

So what do we do differently?

We provide our clients with access to expert advisors, and exclusive lending solutions from a range of high street lenders and specialist banks and indeed buildings societies.

With a conventional mortgage, if you’re on a daily rate of £500, that’s roughly £120,000 a year. A traditional lender will just look the salary and dividends you take out of your company, typically £45,000. The lender will lend a multiple of that figure, maybe 4 times, which means you can only borrow £180,000. Despite the real income being far higher

A contractor mortgage is far easier and more practical.

With a contractor mortgage, the lender takes account the entire gross annualised contract rate, £120,000. And they will lend again, 4 times that figure, which means you can borrow up to £480,000.

That’s a huge difference.

£180,000 versus £480,000.

Or to put that into context, that’s a one bed flat, versus a 4 bed semi.

But it’s more than just a higher loan amount.

Thanks to the way we work with lenders, we are able to save you a lot of time as well, a typical mortgage application with us takes just 8 working days, compared to the high street were, going back to Mauros’s example, clients can waste weeks without no end result.

Ultimately though, it’s about certainty. When buying a property, what clients really want is the certainty that knowing that they are going to able to secure a mortgage.

Contractor Mortgages Made Easy can take the uncertainty out of an already stressful process. Contact us today to discuss your requirements with one of our expert advisors.