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Ian’s Story

Ian approached CMME after being referred by a work colleague and on the off chance they could raise some money on their own unencumbered property to clear some debts that had accrued over the years, along with completing some planned home improvements.

Ian was still named on a mortgage and owned a property with his ex-wife, the client’s worry was that this would stop him from being able to obtain further funding on his own property.

After fully assessing the client’s circumstances and engaging with the underwriters upfront I was able to secure the required borrowing along with an extremely competitive rate and product.

I am really pleased to see that works can now be completed at the property and their total monthly outgoings have reduced as a result of the new mortgage.

Feedback from Ian:

“It seems that everyone wants to complain about something these days and so I thought that I would buck the trend by telling you of my recent positive experience with Contractor Mortgages Made Easy and in particular, Melvin Parker. A few weeks ago I was discussing mortgages with a friend and I was passed Melvin’s details as he had recently been instrumental in helping my friend obtain a mortgage. I have had dealings with numerous financial advisers over the years but I have to say that this was by far the easiest and best experience I have had with regard to finance. Mel was informative, helpful, polite but more importantly reassuringly thorough.

After a particularly messy divorce which had left my finances in tatters, Mel quickly reassured me and confidently guided me through my financial minefield. He managed to explain all details in a down-to-earth manner that I fully understood and he made the whole process from start to finish, a pleasant and easy one. I might also add that Fahmeda Chowdary deserves a special mention for her help and encouragement with my application.

Could you please pass on my heartfelt thanks for an absolutely outstanding service? I will have no hesitation in recommending the services of Mortgages Made Easy indeed, I have already passed on Mel’s details to several of my colleagues and I should the need arise again, I will certainly not be looking elsewhere.”

Tim’s Story

This banking Project Manager was a seasoned contractor who recently bought his new family home. Extensive renovation works were undertaken over a period of 12 months, which resulted in some additional debt that needed to be tidied up via consolidation into the mortgage. Conservative lending criteria meant that the existing mortgage lender was not comfortable in increasing the borrowing. CMME went to another bank with lower rates, and not only proved the income via the gross contract earnings but also got an exceptional sanction to grant a remortgage for consolidation of home improvement debt. The contractor was able to get the whole debt in one place on a lower rate.

Feedback from Tim:

“Hi Taj, It’s been some time since you sorted out the remortgage for Jess and I; I didn’t get a chance to thank you at the time and I’m sorry about that, It was a hectic time. As always a truly fantastic service from you, your company and team. On a personal note you allowed a weight to be moved from my mind. You should sleep well at night Taj as your job changes lives for the better! Take care”

Harry’s Story

This experienced contractor had changed the remuneration structure for the contract earnings several times over a period of years. He eventually came to CMME, and a workable solution was found within 48 hours. The relevant bank was shown that the proposed remortgage solution would put the finances onto a more sound footing, and the payment structure was almost irrelevant when considering the vast amount of experience and almost unbroken contract history of the client. The remortgage was completed and provided the family the disposable income they deserved, and had been seeking for several years.

Feedback from Harry:

“Jonathan, I wanted to write to let you know how extremely happy I am with the service I received from you and your company. I must admit when we first spoke I was extremely sceptical that you would be able to find a remortgage offer for me. I have tried on numerous occasions in recent years to either find a remortgage or loan to pay off a number of credit card balances. I have worked hard to reduce the balance of my loans and credit cards, but the continuing poor economic climate has made it difficult to obtain any form of new loan. As a contractor I have worked through umbrella companies, trusts and partnerships. None of these make it easy to prove earnings sufficient to generate the kind of offer I was looking for. Earlier this year I decided to set up my own limited company. Unfortunately this also made it difficult to seek a new mortgage given that I did not have at least 2 years of accounts. Hence when I first spoke to you I doubted you would be able to help. However you clearly explained your company’s approach to me and I felt that there may be some light at the end of the tunnel. I could see that I would still have to provide quite a bit of information to prove my viability in the contracting marketplace and to demonstrate my earnings. With the guidance given by you supported by easy to complete application forms I was quickly in a position to be at least considered for an offer. Within a few days we were close to a solution, but complicated by the amount I owed on credit cards and loans. However you never failed to keep in touch with me or to advise me of any potential stumbling blocks. You supported me through some difficult moments and I know you worked hard to get a solution for me. Your communications at all times whether by email or telephone were always clear and concise with any risks brought to my attention. You got me to a point where I believed it was possible to get the money we as a family needed. Within a further 2 weeks we completed on our remortgage. I know this may not be part of the service you advertise or offer, but what you have done for me has made a huge difference to my family. We feel the future is much brighter for us despite the hard times the country as a whole has to face in the coming years. Many thanks again to you, your team and contractor mortgages made easy for all of the help provided and for the wonderful service.”

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