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Jaime’s Story

Jaime is a contracting Computer Programmer working as a Limited Company, he was looking to purchase a property for his ex-wife after their divorce. He wanted to find the right broker for him and search google to find CMME and quickly got in touch.
Though his situation was an unusual one that a lot of lenders are not happy to work with, CMME were able to work with them and get him the right mortgage with one of our long-term lenders.
Jaime was happy with the support he was given and the work his consultant completed for him.

Feedback from Jaime:

“As a self-employed professional I’m very aware of the amount of potential obstacles there are, not to just getting a mortgage, but to getting the right deal for me. That’s why I turned to CMME, who sourced me a great mortgage with an excellent fixed rate and term. There is no way I could have obtained a deal like this without them: I don’t have the time and I don’t speak the lingo. Using CMME has saved me both time and money.”

Taylor’s Story

Taylor is an IT contractor, contracting for almost 2 years and came to us to buy a new property, he worked with our consultant Richard Young, he was unsure of our broker fee and discussed it with a friend. His friend suggested trying out a different broker with no broker fees.
Taylor came back to Richard after using the free broker, he had been declined for a mortgage and failed a dip twice, this made him very concerned about the impact this was having on his credit report.

Taylor chose to pay our fee and with Richards help had a mortgage offer 5 calendar days later.

Feedback from Taylor:

The process was quick, mortgage offer received in 5 days after application. The broker fee was worth every penny, you get the service you pay for and it was great! Would use again

Sarah’s Story

Sarah is a contractor who has been contracting for 13 years as an IT Specialist within the IT industry. She was looking to upsize as her children are now 13 and 15 and needed bigger rooms with more space for them and soon there would be another car on the drive.

Sarah had been to her own bank and they could not support the full borrowing as they would only work from her accounts and she was working as tax efficiently as possible. She then came to CMME and was able to get full borrowing on a very competitive interest rate. The mortgage application went from application to offer in 13 days! Sarah was very happy with how quick CMME got her mortgage sorted and the rate was less than what they had seen with a direct lender.

David’s Story

As a new contractor, David was declined a mortgage by both his existing lender and his bank due to a lack of limited company accounts and the lender’s unwillingness to consider his current contract. He then approached CMME after being referred by a colleague who had successfully used CMME previously

He worked with our mortgage specialist Leanne who spoke to a leading lender she knew would be happy to consider David’s current contract day rate vs his limited co. accounts

Feedback from David:

“As a contractor with less than 1 years company records, it would have been near impossible to get a mortgage without CMME. Even with a low loan to value and low loan to earnings amount, my current bank (Barclays) and mortgage provider (The Chelsea Building Society) still refused to even look at my request for a minor extra amount of loan to get my new house.

Without CMME I would have had to go for a high interest back street company and pay through the nose for the loan, or simply not move at all. CMME are very professional and I have a personal adviser who always is on hand to help, even replying to emails over the weekend. It costs a small fee but well worth it in the end. I was recommended CMME by a contractor colleague and I would recommend them to other people in my position. Thank you very much, Leanne and Aimee, for all your help.”

Duncan’s Story

Duncan approached CMME and spoke to one of the Senior Mortgages Consultant, Amir. Duncan was under the impression that as a contractor it would have been a really difficult task, trying to secure a mortgage. Amir guided Duncan through the whole process and explained in detail how everything would pan out. Duncan was surprised when Amir offered the solution to his mortgage needs and helped to obtain that contractor mortgage he was after. Amir managed Duncan’s expectations from the beginning to the very end.  

Feedback from Duncan:

Hi Matthew,

I’m led to believe that Amir and Fahmeda are part of your team and so I wanted to pass on some thoughts on the whole CMME experience. Having not gone through the mortgage application process for a while, and certainly never since being a contractor, I never really believed that I would be eligible or qualify for my required mortgage. It was a daunting prospect. However, from minute 1, Amir was nothing but encouraging and helpful. He was clear and concise about the process I had to follow and provided the right level of reassurance that all would be well, making me feel that my dream really was possible.

Once we got into the mix of things, Amir kept me informed and relaxed and I couldn’t have asked for more. He regularly kept me up to date and waded in when things were going off kilter (which they did very rarely as he managed the process well and never as a result of his doing). I would have no hesitation in recommending CMME but, more to the point, I would encourage them to ask for Amir’s assistance specifically. As you well know, the amount of forms and details I needed to provide was vast. And yes, I frequently got the submission wrong. Then in steps, Fahmeda. She was patient, informative and helpful.

You’ve got a great team there Matthew, in Amir and Fahmeda, and I would like you pass on my thanks to them for all their fine, personal support. Duncan – 1 very satisfied customer!

Michael’s Story

Michael lives in Northern Ireland and was looking for a mortgage with which to purchase a new home. Michael was having problems evidencing his income as he did not have contracts to cover the period the lenders required, however, as Michael was able to obtain letters from his former employer, we were able to find a lender who had just introduced their contractor policy who were happy to accept the application with the letters as evidence rather than full contracts.

Michael subsequently lost the property, however, we were able to put in a change of application with the lender following Michael finding another property therefore Michael was issued with another mortgage offer once the new valuation had taken place.

Feedback from Michael:

“Hi Yda, Natalie,

I’m settled into my new place now and wanted to drop you both a quick note to say thank you. I know you send out a survey by email but I wanted to send something directly to you both.

I have to say it was an absolute pleasure working with you both and the service you provide is fantastic. I was only in contact with CMME for a matter of a few weeks and I was hugely impressed. My emails and calls are always returned promptly, everyone is incredibly polite, professional, helpful, highly skilled and provide excellent customer service – a rare thing these days! And I always get to speak to a real person rather than an automated menu. Amazing!

You really took the pain out of the process of applying for a mortgage – excellent value for money. And the way that you communicated with me gave me real confidence from the very first day. Many thanks to both of you for your help and seemingly endless patience and enthusiasm. I will certainly recommend CMME in the future.

Please feel free to copy this email to your CEO next time the pay review / promotion comes around 🙂

Oh, and thank you for the gift and card. Very nice touch!”

Jim’s Story

Jim contacted CMME as he was a contractor and was having trouble sourcing a cost effective way to purchase a new residential property without having sold his existing property. Jim spoke to Daniel Dordan-Pike and explained the challenges he was facing. Daniel was able to source sufficient funding for Jim without him having to resort to expensive bridging finance arrangements. Jim received his mortgage offers shortly after following Daniel’s advice and sending in his application documents. Jim is now waiting to complete on his new purchase.

Feeback from Jim:

“Just a quick line to say many thanks for your services in obtaining mortgages on our behalf, particularly as a contractor now over 60.

Your knowledge and in-sight to the market allowed us to overcome the problem of purchasing a very much desired property without having sold our existing property. Your solution for identifying lenders happy to provide a contractor with short term fixed rate interest only mortgages with no early repayment clauses, provides considerable savings for us over an expensive bridging loan alternative! Best Regards Jim”

Vanessa’s Story

Vanessa came to CMME through a referral from a previous contractor client and had been told by her previous broker that she could not purchase the property she wanted as it had a covenant on it. After an initial conversation, CMME were able to diagnose the issue and work towards finding a solution. With our access to bespoke underwriting we were able to find lenders that would look at the whole situation and secure mortgage funding for this client. As the client had previously had a mortgage fall through, time was tight to get to mortgage completion and even after the mortgage offer was secured we helped liaise between the lender and the solicitors responsible for the legal works. This ensured that the deadline was met and the client managed to move into their ideal property.

Feedback from Vanessa:

“I am writing to thank you for all your hard work in assisting Stuart and me in the recent purchase of our new flat.

I won’t hesitate to recommend you to any friends who are also looking for a mortgage, and will absolutely be coming back to you next time I need to re-mortgage.

As you know, we had been somewhat unfortunate with our earlier experiences before you were involved, and so had a rather tricky situation with quite a significant time-pressure on our shoulders.  At the point we first spoke, I personally was genuinely reaching the end of the line, as the whole process had been challenging from the beginning. So we very much needed help as still desperately wanted the flat but the risk we would lose it through no fault of our own, just seemed to be getting higher and higher!

I found your service, and you personally, to be incredibly professional yet also highly personable. Also you were incredibly clear and supportive throughout, in answering my many questions and reassuring me through regular progress updates.  I very much appreciated all of this as at times my stress levels were admittedly very high! Your friendly manner and kindness in taking the time to talk through things thoroughly when I needed it, really made such a difference.  My sincere thanks, as I really think we wouldn’t have got this mortgage in time without you and all your efforts to push it along by staying so closely in touch with the bank and with me.

Anyway, for your sake, I hope all your customers aren’t all quite so needy or in such a desperate rush!  But I won’t hesitate next time I’m looking to come back to you, and I’ll also be using the solicitors you recommend too :)”

Katherine’s Story

Katherine came to CMME after realising that her payroll structure was too complicated to explain to a bank. She had a potential buyer for her existing property and had no idea how feasible it was to borrow the required money to buy her next home. Using the gross contract rate and highlighting the industry experience of the contractor to underwriters, CMME obtained a successful agreement in principle which was eventually used to obtain the funding. The process of moving actually took longer than the contractor anticipated, but CMME were able to keep the agreement in principle live and obtained the full offer of funding when the right property was found.

Feedback from Katherine:

“I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you so much for all your help in securing my mortgage. I have been extremely impressed by your helpfulness and professionalism over the past 9 months, since I originally contacted you. From the initial enquiry I made, through numerous phone calls and emails from myself with question after question to the actually getting the mortgage, nothing has been too much trouble. I also really appreciated the fact that if you didn’t know the answer to my questions there and then you made enquiries and got back to me as quickly as you were able, often that same day – I never had to chase you for an update. Any information you supplied was thorough and explained in a manner that allowed me to understand options and what would be best for my situation. I have been very pleased with the service you and Mortgages Made Easy provided Simon and I have not hesitated in recommending you to any other contractors that I know are looking to secure their own mortgage. Best wishes Simon – hopefully you will still be around when I’m looking for my next mortgage!”

Samuel’s Story

Samuel had been contracting for 5 years, within IT; with many years industry experience behind him. He was contracted to work in one main contract but also had another side contract, which made it difficult for advisers he had previously spoken with, to place him for his mortgage. He was looking to buy his next home with his wife; directly from his father in law; another element that other lenders were not attracted to. Due to the way he works and his property situation, he came to CMME looking for some urgent and reliable advice. The mortgage was applied for after identifying a lender CMME were confident would understand his structure, and the mortgage offer was produced shortly after. The client is now awaiting the last legal portion to conclude and will then be looking to complete.

Feedback from Samuel:

“So…. today i get my mortgage offer! YES YES YES. Let me tell you a little story, I went to three people before you:

1 X High Net Worth Advisor
1x Mortgage Broker ( Competitor )
1 x Sub Prime Broker

I took them all the same scenario and explained the setup in full. You were the only one that got it! You understood the bigger picture and took the time to understand my personal set up and goals. That was the difference. You managed my expectations totally and didnt leave me hanging one bit (I’m not the easiest to work with). You are exactly the type of dealmaker that I like to work with. You overcame challenges and obstacles with absolute class and determination and thats how its done. Other brokers should aspire to your work ethic. I want to extend a special mention to Emily, your case manager, she made a huge difference in the day to day managing of the case. I was able to cut out time wasting and see through any jargon that i didnt understand with her support. She was epic in being there and reassuring me of the process whenever i needed her.

You guys are a credit to your brand, I never really issue a testimonial, I liken it to a tip at a resturant, what did you actually do to deserve the extra payment, all you did was bring me the food I paid for!?!?!?!? However you guys warrant the feedback and more, I was compelled to write to you and let you know how I was feeling. You were awesome, I now look forward to closing this one off with the solicitors and looking to the future development of my property portfolio. All the best, Sam.”

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