NatWest is one of the most recognisable High Street banking brands and is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Group. Royal Bank of Scotland now channel most of their UK mortgage lending via the NatWest brand, due to the tarnished reputation of the RBS brand after the deepening credit crisis in 2008. Many contractors currently have business relationships with NatWest.

Are Natwest 'contractor-friendly'?

CMME have agreed a bespoke proposition with NatWest to allow our contractor clients to secure mortgage funding without the need to supply traditional forms of income evidence.

Would CMME recommend Natwest to contractors looking for a mortgage?

Certainly, NatWest stand out as a contractor friendly lender and many clients of CMME have successfully secured mortgage funding with the bank. They have shown flexibility when considering a case and are willing to review each application on it’s own merits.