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Sunaina’s Story

Sunaina came to CMME for help with buying a new home. Sunaina already had a number of Buy to Let properties in the background and found that because she had been contracting for less than 2 years and had very limited company accounts, many of the high street banks and brokers were not able to help. 

Sunaina’s contract rate had increased dramatically over the last 18 months and CMME were able to find a lender who was willing to take her current day rate.  Even with limited history and accounts, the lender was able to move forward with the lending she required and she is currently waiting to exchange contracts.

Feedback from Sunaina: 

“Hi Olivia,

I just wanted to say a huge thanks for your highly professional approach throughout the home buying process.

Your organisation has access to far more mortgages that are suitable for contractors like me who don’t have 2 years of accounts but want a competitive mortgage – the rate I will be paying is actually better than many of my friends in permanent employment. You did a great job of explaining details of the product too.

The fee charged was worth every penny. You have been extremely approachable and helpful at every stage, as has your case worker Emily who was on hand at every stage when I was providing the required documents for my mortgage application. I think uploading a number of key documents on to your central repository prior to the formal mortgage application being made is so helpful as it takes the hassle of scrambling around later out and made the final application process seamless.

I appreciated the fact that you checked I was happy with your work throughout and the excellent advice on insurance and making sure I could manage my finances following the property purchase.

Thanks for everything and I will definitely be recommending you in the future. 


Eddie’s Story

Eddie came to CMME after being declined due to his contractor status. His plan was to raise funds on his current home in order to purchase a new build home to let out. He was unable to raise the funds with his current provider so approached us. The Eddie’s concerns were that he had a very short time to complete the purchase as the developer only agreed to his purchase price if he could complete before year end. This gave approximately 4 weeks to complete the purchase.

Eddie got everything in place and uploaded to us quickly which meant that we were able to check the case over so it would be packaged and presented in the best light. The case went off to Halifax and was offered within a week.

When the call was made to Eddie to advise we have the offer, he was over the moon and had already started referring his colleagues to us!

Feedback from Eddie:

“I would like to give my gratitude to both of you for pointing me to re-mortgage option and recommending Halifax as the best and fastest lender for my urgent mortgage requirement. As we know it was a bumpy start with few delays but you have managed to pull it out and came to an offer state within a week is pretty impressive.

“Taj – I would like to thank you for returning my call, listened to the whole story and prioritised it as I requested.

“Stuart – very good mortgage and lender recommendation, and application completion.”

Tony’s Story

This case involved Tony a senior contractor who was initially looking to buy a new home. He had relationships with existing non-specialist brokers who were unable to substantiate sufficient income to obtain the required borrowing, mainly because the salary and dividend draw from the Limited Company were deemed insufficient via the standard underwriting route. CMME used the existing contract and CV to approach various banks, and an agreement was obtained which resulted in an offer of funding and a successful move. Since then Tony has used CMME to obtain mortgage offers for a couple of investment properties, as most buy to let lenders now require evidence of overall affordability via underlying personal income as well as achievable rent. The objective of building a property portfolio via the contract earnings is on track, and a smooth process has been established to add additional properties to the portfolio as required.

Feedback from Tony:

“I used Taj for the first time recently to secure a contractor mortgage. I have used various providers before, but my situation this time round meant I required the assistance of a contractor specialist. The mortgage option I needed was delivered on time as agreed, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Taj to other contractors.”

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