Improve your chances of getting a self employed mortgage by getting the right help

There are many misconceptions around self-employed mortgages and the difficulties that people may face when trying to obtain mortgage funding.

CMME are able to help the self-employed when it comes to obtaining a mortgage because of the bespoke underwriting that they have agreed with a wide range of comprehensive lenders. CMME understand your employment status and the way in which you are paid. Many high street lenders do not fully understand your payment mechanisms and can discriminate against you for this reason, resulting in a declined mortgage application.

As a self-employed borrower, you will have access to the same mortgage products as any other mortgage borrower. You can take a look at the best mortgage products that are on offer currently on our best buys table.

Mortgages for the self-employed:

  • Paperless processes to speed up the process
  • Bespoke underwriting  agreements
  • Specialist expert advice from an experienced consultant
  • Mortgage products available from a range of comprehensive lenders

We would suggest that any self-employed person seeks specialist and expert advice when considering a mortgage to save time, stress and money. If a high street lender declines your mortgage application due to the way in which you are paid or your employment status, this can make the process for a specialist mortgage advisor more difficult when it comes to submitting your mortgage application the second time. So why not get in touch with one of our experience consultants today by calling 01489 555 080.