As a contractor or independent professional, remortgaging a property can potentially improve a homeowner’s situation financially, which means you can:

✅ Raise additional funds, cost effectively for home improvements, a special occasion or to consolidate debt

✅ Lower your monthly payments and avoid being switched over to your lender’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR) with historically low mortgage rates from 0.83%*

✅Relieve financial stress, with an extra budget for your monthly outgoings by moving to a potentially better deal regardless of whether you’re close to your mortgage renewal date or still have time to go

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Raise additional funds for home improvements

Raise additional funds for home improvements

In the era of working from home, revamping your kitchen, upgrading your bathroom or sprucing up a tired-looking garden, are becoming more prevalent with 1 in 3 remortgages being undertaken for home improvements.

Relieve financial pressure

Relieve financial pressure

The coronavirus outbreak and lockdown measures introduced in the UK have deeply affected our personal lives and probably more so as a self-employed individual. Remortgaging could potentially save you money and even raise additional funds for a life event, home improvements, or repay expensive loans & other debts.

Plan for the future

Plan for the future

With a state of financial uncertainty, more people are deciding to put off the sale of their home until it is clearer what the future may hold for them. Securing a deal on a lower rate either fixed or flexible where the option to remortgage is available has given more time to people considering what's next.

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Remortgaging made easy with CMME

A contractor mortgage is likely to be the biggest financial commitment that you will ever enter into. The process can be long and daunting, but one thing it does not have to be is difficult.

When lenders assess a contractor mortgage, they will want to verify income by seeing two to three years’ worth of accounts or tax returns. Lenders have not kept up with changes in the labor market, and their criteria, in many circumstances, fail to accommodate for the growing ranks of independent professionals.

Umbrella company contractors will find that many of their expenses will not be considered when calculating income. Limited company contractors will experience a similar problem, as any money retained in the company, for tax purposes, will also not be considered. Both ways of operating are likely to lead to less borrowing power.

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Remortgaging made easy with CMME

Why use a mortgage broker?

Choosing a specialist mortgage broker is vital if you want to avoid the hassle of dealing with lenders who do not understand the contracting world and your complex remuneration structure.

Your dedicated mortgage broker will do the hard work for you:

  • Avoid the hassle of dealing directly with high street lenders
  • Speed up your application by taking care of the paperwork
  • Check your finances to ensure you are likely to meet the lender’s lending and affordability criteria
  • Secure exclusive deals with lenders, usually not available on the high street
  • Help you calculate all the relevant costs and features of the mortgage into account
  • Work with you to present your case in a way that maximises your borrowing potential and minimises any perceived risk
  • Communicate with you throughout the process and provide regular updates on your application
  • Only recommend mortgages that are suitable to your personal needs

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*Mortgage rate accurate as of 10/08/2021

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