Buying your first home can be a daunting time and with the added fact that you are a contractor the experience is likely to be far more stressful than it needs to be.

Stricter lending criteria and the misunderstanding surrounding payment structures, means securing mortgage funding in your situation can often feel impossible. 

At Contractor Mortgages Made Easy, we believe taking your first step on the property ladder should be an exciting and joyous time, which is why one of our experienced mortgage consultants will provide you with straightforward, clear advice that will help you understand the entire home buying process, to ensure you understand everything before moving forward.

How much can your afford to borrow?

For the majority, buying a house will be the largest financial commitment you will ever make. Deposits can range from as little as 5% but it is worth noting the more you can put down, the lower your interest rate is expected to be. Once you have saved your required deposit you can use our calculators to see how much lenders will be willing to lend, and an indication of how much your monthly repayments will be. It is important to assess these calculations and decide whether borrowing this amount is realistic, and if you will be able to make your repayments comfortably.

Finding a lender

Our mortgage consultants approach lenders upfront to ensure you a placed in a position where you can be certain your application will be assessed using a multiple of your daily rate alone. They will ensure lenders understand that your income is probable to be sustained because you have a desired set of skills giving you the ability to secure future contracts. You will then be presented with an ‘agreement in principle’, which is a strong indication on whether your application is likely to be accepted. When you are ready to proceed with your application, we are happy to do this for you.

Why choose CMME?

Contractor Mortgages Made Easy has helped many first time buyer contractors obtain competitive mortgage funding, and are extremely familiar with the difficulties they can experience. Our service is offered over the phone, leaving you more time to yourself. As a result the whole process is short and sweet, meaning you will be in your first home much sooner.