For the majority of us, the mortgage is the largest financial commitment, and also the one that is reviewed the least often for cost effectiveness.

Many borrowers have been content to let their initial rates expire and ride out the variable rate of their lender, only really reviewing the mortgage when rates start to increase. Many are not aware that rates have already started going up, and complacency can cost a lot of money in interest charges.

Do you want to save money?

At Contractor Mortgages Made Easy we recommend that you should consider taking advantage of the rates available today before they increase further. One of our experienced consultants can undergo a mortgage review and establish whether a more cost effective mortgage is available, taking in to account your circumstances as a contractor. They will be able to look at other deals from your current lender, as well as deals from a comprehensive range of other lenders.

If the review shows that you already have the best possible deal, this will be confirmed and your details will be entered in to the CMME Pro Active Mortgage Management System (PAMM), which will alert your consultant when your current deal is due to expire, and whether a better option exists elsewhere.

Why Choose Us to Remortgage your property?

Your dedicated consultant will assist you throughout the entire remortgaging process from start to finish with simple clear advice. We have bespoke underwriting arrangements in place meaning that you will be assessed on your daily contract rate alone. This enables your application to be processed quickly and with no setbacks.  We have access to a variety of remortgage deals and will ensure they suit your circumstances perfectly.

What Next?

To get a rough indication of how much you could be saving from remortgaging, please take advantage of our free online calculator. Switching your mortgage does not need to be difficult or stressful. Contractor Mortgages Made Easy has been helping contractors remortgage for years and are experts in helping them secure the most competitive rates out there.