Case Study 1:

Shantel is a Project Manager working in the UK Public Sector, she contacted Contractor Mortgage Made Easy Limited in June 2016 and spoke to Daniel Dordan-Pike, one of our Senior Mortgage Consultants. Shantel explained that she was living in Northern Ireland and wanted to purchase a home for her and her children, and only wanted to put down a 5% deposit. Shantel also explained to Daniel that she had already been to see a local broker but after a few weeks of waiting, the broker was unable to secure sufficient funding. The broker had tried to assess Shantel’s situation and income on a self-employed basis where she would have had to produce SA302s to evidence her income. This would have left her severely restricted on the loan size, meaning that the property she wanted to buy was out of reach. However, Daniel assessed Shantel’s contractual status and then, by linking in with several lenders on Shantel’s behalf, Daniel was able to secure the right amount of funding with a high street lender, meaning that Shantel could now secure the new family home. Shantel received her mortgage offer, and is now progressing with her purchase and looking forward to moving into her new home.

Feedback from Shantel

“Dear Contractor Mortgage Made Easy Ltd

 Great news!  I have just received a mortgage offer from Nationwide Building Society.  I am now buying the home that me and my children live in and would not have been able to afford it had I been assessed as self-employed (as we were trying to arrange with all the SA302's etc. and the "other" mortgage broker).

 I cannot recommend Contract Mortgages Made Easy enough.  I dealt with Daniel Dordan-Pike who was professional, thorough, and communicated with me every step of the way and the whole process from when I first engaged with Daniel until the offer was received today, took just over 1 month.  It would have been a lot quicker but I had some issues with my agency and actual contract but Daniel gave me excellent advice and also and communicated directly with the agency to finally reach a resolution.

 I hope that my positive experience will be able to assist any other contractor that may be struggling to secure a mortgage.  I am so grateful.

 Thanks again.