BM Solutions



The Birmingham Midshires was formed in the 1980’s when Birmingham and Bridgwater and the Midshires Building Societies merged. BM Solutions are now part of the Lloyd’s banking group who deal with Buy to Let funding, and have traditionally been one of the strongest lenders in this space.

Before the Mortgage Market Review took place in April 2014, BM was a popular choice as they used to forego income referencing for any buy to let applicant. This was used by individuals that found it very difficult to prove income in a conventional manner. Since then, they now insist on evidence of income and this meant their business levels did drop for a short period of time.

How does BM Solutions assess contractors?

BM is part of the same group as Halifax, who are long supporters of contractor criteria, and recently have decided to follow suit. They now apply exactly the same contractor income criteria, opening the doors to many more contractors.

With their competitive rates and recently lowered fees, CMME believe they will become a top choice for contractors looking at buy to let.